Thursday, December 17, 2009

Steps How To Masterbate

humiliated by Frattocchie We are a madhouse

(One of the possible targets of the repair market)

we have heard them all: missing the point, the defense will not hold, a midfield that is to take the ball. But do not get a psychoanalyst? After the drubbing against Real Frattocchie last in the standings, the company is planning to return to the market: under observation for the role of shrink There are Crepet (but seems to be more mentally unstable when Luke sees a whistle), the graduates Valeria though still under the influence of tachycardia for the thesis and has recently also entered in the running of Casilina Antonio 362, but 105 remained on the cocks appizzato him to the ladies who were about to fall. Remain unfulfilled requests at the time of Felix, who asked an expert in voodoo sorcerer, or more likely a masseur (zitato nothing because you are Chinese, the company also ensures the respect of moral values) is the only one who could help Mr. Laforgia, in case he had made contact with some shaman in the forest of Boquete.
last night's game is well served now to highlight the level of total madness to which we have reached. In order to have role: Happy the man who called free only after the game, Mirror and Luke, however, have lost like 15 meters on the man 2-0, the Captain began to pull out their claws on 0-7, Beppe which entered for 20 seconds during a corner kick, which John the third goal instead of removing the man puts on a Cheerful well to disturb him, Toda, who played a game without parallel silences, fouls and incazzature with himself, the coach that he forgets to make the changes, Adriano has not found its place even in the car of Beppe, Bobo has targeted the port (but in the sense that pulled the ball on him), and Bomber that in the 12 seconds that he played ball also called to the field next door. In short, just like the facts, requires a more urgent psychiatric assessment: that we are the only team I think of all the Milky Way he thinks he can win without pulling on the door. The first half against
Frattocchie is the emblem: type ball possession 80% of us, shots on goal 1, the result 0-2. And it is true that Luchino (so far the best) was absent in two decisive occasions, but it is true that to be a second goal with a shot had to have Jesus Christ (or, alternatively, Kenshiro) to do the multiplication of the conclusions. Brilliant will be the second goal, however, who played forward with the bison to them that is launched and have the time to stop, pull up your socks, turn the shirt, call the girl to the phone, ask the secretary when he was next and then he realized that Luke had been recovered and the mirror 15 meters At that point, there remained 10 other Bison Bomber and still managed to have enough time to achieve a sistematina hair and super happy to lob.
In the second half they expect the reaction and instead begin to arrive in Frattocchie series of goals: schemas jump, let alone our heads schizophrenic. All go to the head, the crash is around the corner and already Bomber Captain and the beers are starting to point resting on the bench: but suddenly Mirror it hurts and I am forced to return to the field. But now the omelet is done, and even the recent spat of pseudo-pride can keep us afloat: 7-0 and then everyone ends up at the Fort to celebrate Valeria, including missing pants, used condoms and dancing heel with Marta.
Again no rating for dignity.

(The company during the search of the exact location of Hadrian)

FELICE: the return after the long break due to rheumatism and pilgrimages, shows that devotion can help: do not even take a ball on goal, in reward the audience with a surprise reference to hand in midfield that portends serious consequences for muscle. It comes out unscathed. MIRACLE

MIRROR: still far from the standard last year. It has the merit of the first shot on goal (which speaks volumes about the determination of the tips), but is guilty of contributory negligence on the disaster's second goal. At least back to the old standard of mentality, coming from Bari to play. If he did also from Boston would have been elected vice captain. PENDOLARE

CAPTAIN: part owner under the policy of the Old Guard, was released and is now launched for a second time alcohol on the bench. Alexander's injury makes him return to the field while the wreck is already in place. But on 0-7 remembers having to take the lead and starts a pointless pressing across the board, with lots of slip (the second in 2 batches). Laggards

LUCA: in the first 15 minutes is a show, takes his hand the department anticipates that it is a beauty, and tax only for excessive humility does not roll in the door. Then the black out: on the first goal is only partially guilty, the other is a pearl (actually an idiot). The opponents of the peace denied the usual fruitless discussions. AMNESIA

BEPPE: in a moment of momentum comes into play on an offensive corner and fails immediately. But is missed by falls faster opponents, missed a couple of speeches and sadly returns to the bench. Back at the end and place it striker to Ambrosini. At least approaches the most suitable position of the left external attack. BOA

JUAN first change meeting, looking to push the game even when it seems the scope and limits amnesia and remittances wrong. In the second half leading to an unprecedented deployment to 2 with the captain, but is the best time for the defense. Of course, the opponent may move from its course on the third goal, but begins to talk more than others after almost a year and a half. Talking

TODA: colorless other match. In Pre nervous (because of the strike means), continues to be nervous even if the meter does not serve crabs in the field. More and more wrong perseveres in error, and by the way not ever protest in spite of some questionable refereeing decisions. A one question: why? It 's too important to resume the peace as soon as possible. BIPOLAR

PLAYER LaForge: starting out, and enters Bomber tries to balance. In the first half was notable for a superb that Bobo is not making launch. Everyone wonders why the heating drew donuts learn and try playing there. Clearly begins to suffer the weight of the dual role. SELF-CONTAINED

ADRIANO: Give us a tom tom and tell you where to play. Causes a depletion of the Junior Woodchucks that armed bush trying to make sense of his movements. It should be noted only for a great exchange with Bobo half recovery, but does not remove the defect of the ball high and to try playing on the bottom line. Considered the other vice known to all of us would say VICIOUS

BOBO: in my contact lenses had expired: Wagle looks that have an expiration date! This time back into the abyss of non vedenza and after missing a couple of sole control, he tries to play the position in the second half but the whole thing turns into a shooting on the goalie. Play Five is crushed or clay pigeon shooting would be relentless. IMPALLINATORE

BOMBER: This was the eighth, the most anticipated game of the season because of the repeated promises every week. Part well, even managed to get to the bottom a couple of times but for a primary athletic principle if the cross can not even get to take it to the center. Leave it at half time and is forgotten forgotten the damp bench. In the second half can not touch the ball, even if the zero second game may be a mitigating factor. FORGOTTEN

MISTER LaForge: Unbelievable but true, after having exaggerated praise in between last season and this, for the first time gives the impression of not being able to sustain the double post. In the second half forget to be the coach and gives rise to an unprecedented change in self-management of the team. And there's more: he lost his pants, the suit remedies and find the remains of Luke (I just hope inorganic) of procreative dell'oriundo Calabria-Parma. Ends up being to drink Padrepeppe Cei until 5. SMEMORATO


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